Delhi air pollution: Here’s some do’s and don’t to stay healthy

Delhi air pollution has been a looming problem. Smog engulfs the city and its adjacent areas during every winter season. This in turn leads to increase in number of cases of coughing, chest pain, throat infection and viral diseases. The dipping of Air Quality Index (AQI) casts serious problem on patients of Asthma and heart diseases.

Air pollution has direct effect on respiratory system and skin diseases. Hence, in these difficult times we need to take some precaution to avoid falling ill.

So here are:

Delhi air pollution

7 tips (doctor's advice) to tackle Delhi air pollution:

1. Avoid running/exercise

For people who indulge in running, jogging, walking or outdoor exercise, it is advised to avoid these activity till the pollution dips. Doctor’s advise against outdoor activity because we inhale from our mouth after such strenuous activity and the rate of our breathing is also escalated resulting in large amount of pollutants entering our system.

2. Plant air purifying plants indoor

Plants like Aelo Vera, Spider plant or Ivy plant could be used in indoor space. They require less maintenance in terms of sunlight, water and air. They purify the indoor air by reducing the indoor pollutant.


Delhi pollution

3. Install air purifier in home

Using of air purifier is another way to combat Delhi air pollution. Especially if old people, pregnant lady or kids are there in the family as they are more vulnerable to harmful consequences of pollution.

4. Wear mask outdoors

Wear mask when you go out. N95 masks are considered good enough to tackle the air pollution. Dr Nitin Jha, Senior laparoscopic surgeon, Fortis Noida says that everybody should consider three parameters while purchasing a mask. Begin with inquiring about the filter size, the mask must be capable to filter out particles smaller than 2.5 microns. Second is the standards N95 and N99 both are acceptable. And final is the fit of the mask, it must fit as such covering the nose and the mouth.

5. Stay hydrated and eat healthy foods

Drinks lots of water in a day. Intake of coconut water and other fruit juices are also recommended by the doctors.

Eating green vegetables strengthens immunity and take foods that are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Magnesium and protein.

Amla, lemon, oranges, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and fenugreek are some fruits and vegetables that nutritionists recommend.

6. Monitor air quality index (AQI)

Constantly monitor Air Quality Index before commuting to work, you can track pollution level of your route to work at different times of the day. Hence you plan according to the AQI when is the good time to step out. There are many apps available to monitor the AQI on play store and App store.

7. Take regular steams or steam bath

To relax your respiratory tracks and eliminate the hazardous particles steam is the best way possible. Try inhaling few drops of mustard after taking the steam.

If all these steps are taken diligently, it increases the chances of avoiding the hazardous effects of air pollution. If you can not only help yourself but also help other by sharing it with others. These little efforts will have catastrophic effect in the long run. 

What you should not do

1. Smoking

One of most common indoor air pollutants is cigarette smoke. Stop smoking indoors as well as outdoors. Cigarette smoke can cause severe damage to infants, pregnant lady, and old people.

2. Burning of waste

Avoid burning of plastics and other kind of wastes. One should dispose the waste through proper channel that is put in place by the local municipalities. 

Apart from all these do’s and don’ts one must exercise indoors to stay fit and fresh. In case your require more assistance about chest pain and difficulty in breathing, you can contact Dr Nitin Jha or get a second opinion from Surgery Second Opinion (SSO).

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