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 Non-Surgical Treatment for Piles (Hemorrhoids): Find Relief Without Surgery

Get in touch with Dr Nitin Jha for treatment.  Click here Non-Surgical Treatment for Piles Introduction Are you searching for non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids, commonly referred to as piles? Hemorrhoids can cause discomfort, pain, and itching, but good news is – it can be treated without surgery. In this article, we will explore non-surgical options…

Bariatric surgery and its cost​

Chat with Dr. Nitin Jha Facebook Twitter Cost of Bariatric Surgery What is Bariatric Surgery? It is a type of surgery which stimulates weight loss. Hence, specifically performed on (severe) overweight individual. People with greater than 40 BMI (Body Mass Index) falls under obese category. Obesity brings other health related problems like type 2 diabetes,…

Advantages of SILS

Why patient must go for Single Incision Laparoscopic surgery – SILS Advantages of SILS Patients may choose to undergo single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) for a variety of reasons, depending on their specific medical condition, personal preferences, and treatment goals. Some reasons why patients may choose SILS over traditional laparoscopic surgery or open surgery include: Improved…


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