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19 cm long gall bladder . ? longest
this gall bladder was 19 cm long
An interesting case with a large vessel in the GB bed. If not identified properly, it may cause excessive bleeding.

Large incisional hernia

An omental band — cause of intestinal obstruction

Gangrenous gall bladder — Diabetic patients have to be very careful and not wait for pain to decide about surgery

Testicular tumor — may masquerade as hydrocele
One of my favourites — Thanks Aaradhya !
Young 16 yr old girl –mass in abdomen –large ovarian cyst

Probably the smallest gall bladder –chronic contracted

Post-op picture of only a small scar in umblicus — SILS gall bladder surgery
Now thats a “mother of all stones ” – 10 x 5 x 5 cm… all done by laparoscopy !
gangrenous gall bladder --diabetic patients
gangrenous gall bladder in diabetics

One of my pt from Turkeministan

Giant inguinal hernia — also presented this at a conference in Germany !

During convocation (FACS) ceremony in Boston , USA

Article in GRIH SOBHA magazine

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