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Mr sahil Srivastava

But finally when we could see no improvement in her condition we went to Dr Nitin Jha under whose consultation my mother was admitted and asked him to change the gastro Dr who had done ERCP. Then Dr Nitin Jha suggested and asked Dr Mukul Rastogi to handle the case. I want to thank both the doctors, Dr nitin jha and Dr Mukul Rastogi who treated my mother the very right way and saved her life. It took almost 3 months and during this whole process Dr Nitin Jha always attended my call,even at late nights and early morning , listened to me very patiently and suggested me the right things.

And finally after two months Dr Nitin Jha operated my mother for gall bladder successfully.Not only my mother, Dr Nitin Jha has operated my wife and one of my colleagues’ wife also for gall bladder stone.

I really want to thank Dr Nitin Jha. He is not only an extraordinary doctor but also an extraordinary person. Thanks for showing so much care and conern.

I would like to suggest Dr Nitin Jha for gall bladder stone for gastro related problems.

Ranjeet –

11 months ago-Last Week my wife has gone through a gall bladder removal surgery by Dr. Nitin Jha, Dr Jha is a Great Doctor for Surgeon. Very good behaviour and very friendly, Great experience. Excellent and highly knowledgeable

Thank You Dr Jha.

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