Laparoscopic surgeon for hernia surgery

Overview of Hernia

A hernia occurs when an internal organ bulges out of muscle or tissue that holds or contains it. Symptoms are bulging, swelling and pain generally involving around stomach or intestine. In some cases, there are no symptoms.

Best Laparoscopic surgeon for hernia surgery

Dr Nitin Jha is well known senior consultant @ Fortis Hospital Noida, a fantastic laparoscopic surgeon in Noida. A specialist in “single incision” laparoscopic surgery and is sought by the patient for the same.

His main area of expertise include laparoscopic surgery of Hernia, gall bladder, appendix, re-flux surgery. He also provides consultation at his clinic in Sector 76, Noida.

Dr Nitin Jha has been laparoscopic surgeon in Noida and Delhi for the last 15 years

One of his latest achievements is being conferred with the Fellowship by American College of Surgeons at Boston, USA.


Links of Dr Nitin Jha works at some prestigious sites

  1. SILS Gall bladder surgery was selected for presentation at the SAGES Meet at Boston, USA in 2016
  2. video of the SILS Gall bladder surgery —IRCAD, France and has been uploaded on —
  3. presentation presented on SILS Appendectomy at EAES Conference at Frankfurt,GERMANY  in June 2017
  4. He received FELLOWSHIP— FACS (Fellow of American College of Surgeons) at the International conference of ACS, Boston, 2018 October.


Dr Nitin Jha @Fortis Noida


laparoscopic surgeon for hernia surgery

Visit Dr Nitin Jha’s official website for more information.


  • Bluge or swelling in the stomach area, either side of the pubic bone.
  • Bluge is more obvious while standing, coughing or straining.
  • Burning sensation or pain at the bulge while bending or lifting.
  • Most of the there are no sensation at all.


  • Weak muscles present from the birth or due to aging.
  • Straining due to multiple pregnancy in case of females.
  • Straining due to heavy lifting of weights and exercise.
  • Obesity and overweight causing the straining the muscle lining.
  • Straining due to constipation
  • Damage from injury or surgery

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