Best surgeon for piles surgery in Delhi

Surgery for piles in Delhi

Best surgeon for piles surgery in Delhi

Best surgeon for piles surgery in Delhi

Dr Nitin Jha


is one of the renowned Laparoscopic surgeon in Noida & Delhi -NCR with extensive experience (19+ yrs) . One of his latest achievements is being conferred with the Fellowship by American College of Surgeons at Boston, USA .He has also completed MHCD (Managing Health Care Delivery) from HBS-Harvard Business School.,Boston, USA.

Dr Nitin Jha is well known senior consultant laparoscopic surgeon in Noida (Delhi NCR).  He is considered to be the best surgeon for piles surgery in Delhi.

Online Consultation Doctor Best surgeon for piles surgery in Delhi

Dr Nitin Jha is your online consultation doctor who will assist you on video call or telephonic call before and after the surgery till your recovery. If you are looking for piles surgery in Delhi or Noida then Dr Nitin Jha is your experienced and reliable doctor for the surgery.

He is a well respected Laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi -NCR (India) and has been in surgical practice since last 21 years. Over a period of time, he has worked hard to build a stellar reputation for honest and ethical practice. Click here to view the feedback of other patients.

What causes hemorrhoids?

Straining exerts pressure on the veins in the anus which over the time becomes painful and is called piles. It is similar to varicose veins, only difference is the place affected. The rectum becomes swollen and inflamed due to the pressure.

Piles operation cost

Here are some causes of piles.

  • Pelvic pressure from weight gain due to multiple pregnancy within short period.
  • Pushing hard to have a bowel movement or passage of hard stool.
  • Lifting extremely heavy objects or weightlifting.


  • Itching or extreme irritation around anal region.


  • Uncomfortable lump or swelling near anus.


  • Pain or discomfort especially while sitting


  • Rectal bleeding after bowel movement.

When to see a Doctor?

In case when there is severe rectal bleeding and pain for more than 3-4 days, talk to the surgeon.


Not always rectal bleeding is caused by piles, there are several other disease and factors affecting it. Changes in bowel habits or disease like Colo-rectal cancer could also cause rectal bleeding.


Seek emergency care if you experience pain, fever, chills, nausea and vomiting.

How are hemorrhoids diagnosed?

Best doctor for piles surgery in Delhi is Dr Nitin Jha.


A visual examination is enough for surgeon to diagnose hemorrhoids. For confirmation, doctor may choose


  • Digital rectal examination during which the surgeon inserts a gloved and lubricated finger to examine for swollen veins.
  • Anoscopy/Sigmoidscopy in which the surgeon uses anoscope (lighted tube)/Sigmoidscope (lighted tube with camera) to examine the inside of anus.


These tests are not at all painful and Dr Nitin Jha is known to make patients comfortable and at ease for such procedures.

Treatment Options


Hemorrhoids can be easily treated at home. You just need to take some steps to keep your stool soft for it pass easily.

  • Eat high fiber foods – Eat more fruits, vegetable and whole grains. Intake 30-35 grams of fiber daily.
  • Drink lots of water daily.
  • To minimize pain, soak in warm water for 10 to 20 minutes a day.
  • Apply creams at the affected area.
  • Soften stool by taking laxatives.
  • Apply over the counter medications containing lidocaine or hydrocortisone.

Medical procedures

Dr Nitin Jha suggests that visit surgeon only if home remedies aren’t working and the symptoms are interfering with your daily routine and sleep. Also if symptoms doesn’t recede.

Dr Nitin Jha is best surgeon for piles surgery in Delhi, Noida and Gaziabad.

If home treatments aren’t helping then the surgeon may treat with:

Rubber Band Ligation : A small rubber band is placed to cut off the blood circulation to the affected vein forcing it to shrink.

Electrocoagulation : A electric current is used to stop blood flow to hemorrhoid.

Sclerotherapy : Surgeon injects chemical directly into the affected veins that destroys the hemorrhoid.



All the information related to piles surgery in Delhi or piles operation cost will be provided beforehand by the surgeon. Dr Nitin Jha will resolve all your queries and answer all your questions before the surgery.


Surgery removes the hemorrhoids or prolapsed internal hemorrhoids. The process is called hemorrhoidectomy.

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