Advantages of SILS method for Laparoscopic surgery

laparoscopic gall bladder surgery SILS

Gall bladder stone surgery in Delhi by single incision-SILS

Gallbladder stone surgery is available in Delhi as well as Noida.Laparoscopic cholecystectomy has undergone enormous changes after advent of SILS .There are numerous studies showing equal risks and better cosmetic outcomes with SILS .The main drawback with SILS is the high costs associated with special ports and the special instruments .Since last 2 years we have been doing modified SILS with one 10 mm standard trocar and one 5 mm standard trocar with  almost invisible scar.

Article in "WOMENS ERA" MAGAZINE APRIL ISSUE : SINGLE HOLE Laparoscopic  surgery
gallbladder stone surgery noida and delhi by single incision-SILS

Gallbladder stone surgery in noida and delhi by single incision – SILS is the latest method of doing laparoscopic surgery

gallbladder stone surgery noida and delhi by single incision-SILS


A number of methods have been described for port access to perform SILS, including multiple facial punctures through one skin incision, the use of additional trans abdominal sutures to stabilise the target organ. We describe our method of establishing single-port access for SILS that has reduced some of the technical challenges in the performing SILS cholecystectomies. Our method involves the use of existing instrumentation. The objective of this study is to evaluate the safety and feasibility of the SILS cholecystectomy with conventional instrumentation as an standard technique with low costs.

54 cases were completed by the above described modified SILS. One case had to be converted to standard 4 port technique due  to the confusing ductal anatomy . 40  females and 15 males underwent  surgery. Mean age was 36 years (range, 10-77). There was no mortality.  No bile duct injury or hemorrhage occurred. The median length of hospital stay was 1.1  days (1/2.2 days). The mean operative time was 45 min (30  to 95 mins). There was no case of any port site hernia. 1 patient  developed 10 mm port site infection which responded to dressing  and antibiotics.

CONCLUSION: We  have found this modified technique of SILS to be extremely useful  in giving  the benefits of SILS to the patient and at the same time keeping the cost to almost same as for any standard laparoscopic cholecystectomy without compromising the principles of safe surgery.

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