Advantages of SILS method for Laparoscopic surgery

Gall bladder stone surgery in Delhi by single incision-SILS Gallbladder stone surgery is available in Delhi as well as Noida.Laparoscopic cholecystectomy has undergone enormous changes after advent of SILS .There are numerous studies showing equal risks and better cosmetic outcomes with SILS .The main drawback with SILS is the high costs associated with special portsContinue reading “Advantages of SILS method for Laparoscopic surgery”

Surgical Treatment of China

◼ DR NITIN JHA Have just received information about another young surgeon in mumbai, who has lost his battle against covid 19. It’s almost daily routine to see one or the other doctor laying down his life in the call of duty along with numerous equally affected other patients. Doctors from all specialities of medicineContinue reading “Surgical Treatment of China”

Hey ! Have you seen any Doctors or Nurses around ?

  Year 2030, India. In Delhi, Mr Gupta has just developed agonising chest pain –a suspected heart attack, and he along with his near and dear ones are searching for a place called “HOSPITAL” and some endangered species- people previously known as “DOCTORS” but unfortunately nobody seems 2 to find one ,not even Google mapContinue reading “Hey ! Have you seen any Doctors or Nurses around ?”

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