Non-Surgical Treatment for Piles (Hemorrhoids): Find Relief Without Surgery

Non-surgical treatment for piles

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Non-Surgical Treatment for Piles


Are you searching for non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids, commonly referred to as piles? Hemorrhoids can cause discomfort, pain, and itching, but good news is – it can be treated without surgery. In this article, we will explore non-surgical options for piles, facilitating you with effective and safe options to tackle piles without undergoing surgery.

1. Lifestyle changes is a must for Piles:

In many cases, simple lifestyle changes significantly improves the condition. Consider incorporating the following habits into your daily routine:

  • Increase intake of High-fiber diet: by including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes (beans, peas or peanuts) in your meals. This can help soften stools and ease bowel movements.
  • Maintain Hydration: Drink an ample amount of water throughout the day to maintain proper hydration and prevent constipation.
  • Regular Yoga or light exercise: Engage in Manduk Asana, Pawan Mukt Asana, Bal Asana for treating piles without surgery. These poses helps in stimulating bowel function, promote regularity, and reduces pressure on the anal area.

2. Non-Surgical Procedures for Piles Treatment:

When it comes to non-surgical treatment options for piles, several effective procedures are available that are effective in providing relief. These treatment options also depends upon the type and scale of piles. Explore the following alternatives:

  • Sclerotherapy: This procedure involves injecting a solution into the affected area, causing the hemorrhoid to shrink and gradually disappear.
  • Infrared Coagulation (IRC): IRC uses infrared light to coagulate the blood vessels supplying the hemorrhoid, leading to its shrinkage and resolution.
  • Rubber Band Ligation: In this technique, a small rubber band is placed around the base of the hemorrhoid, cutting off its blood supply. Eventually, the hemorrhoid shrinks and falls dead.

3. Experts in piles treatment without surgery

To ensure the best care for your non-surgical piles treatment, it’s important to consult with experienced specialists. Here are a few reputed clinics and medical centers known for their expertise in non-surgical piles treatments:

  • [Dr Nitin Jha (Fortis)/ Clinic in Sector 76, Noida]: Known for their non-surgical approach to piles treatment, this medical center provides personalized care and innovative techniques.
  • [Dr V S Chauhan, Fortis]:  Here doctor offers a range of non-surgical options to effectively manage and treat piles, with a dedicated team of experts.
  • [Dr Nitin Jha @Fortis]: With a team of experienced specialists, it offers comprehensive non-surgical solutions to address piles and relieve associated symptoms.

4. Schedule a Consultation:

If you are seeking non-surgical treatment for piles, it is crucial to schedule a consultation with a qualified healthcare professional. They will assess your condition, discuss appropriate treatment options, and create a tailored plan to suit your specific needs.


Don’t let piles interfere with your daily life. With effective non-surgical treatment options available, you can find cure and get rid of your symptoms without surgery. By implementing lifestyle modifications and consulting experienced healthcare professionals, you can effectively treat piles and regain your comfort. Schedule a consultation with a trusted specialist today to explore the non-surgical treatment options available for your piles condition.

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