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NEW VIDEO UPLOADED ----GIANT HIATAL HERNIA, LAP REPAIR t=110s Successful management of a GIANT HIATAL HERNIA by Laparoscopy
This was a GIANT inguinal
This was a GIANT inguinal hernia operated by me around 1 yr ago. The lowest end of hernial sac was reaching the patients knees. PROBABLY 3 OR 4 CASES REPORTED IN THE WORLD LITERATURE I will be presenting this case at the 25th EAES world Congress at Frankfurt, Germany in june this year
This is the condition of
This is the condition of small intestine if it gets obstructed and strangulated in a hernia ..... required open surgery rather than a simple laparoscopic surgery. HENCE HERNIA SURGERY SHOULD BE DONE AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE New Hernia surgery laparoscopic repair video on YOUTUBE